Podcast #63: The life and Presidency of Warren G Harding

When Warren G. Harding was running for President his campaign slogan was a “return to normalcy”.

While Harding was one of the most popular presidents, he is widely considered one of the worst. We go into some debate on that at the end of the podcast, but will say for now, that perhaps he was more misunderstood.

World War One is over and now we need to go back to life. There was this need to go back to normal. To go back to the way things were before the whole world had seemed to stand on its head.

Lines on maps are being redrawn, countries are gone, new countries in their place. The Spanish Flu is winding down, and this is where we pick up.

We are joined by Sherry Hall, the site manager of the Harding Presidential sites in Marion, Ohio. We appreciated her contributions throughout the conversation with Jeananne.


There is always more to learn!

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