US History Repeated is known for creating podcasts that are factual, interesting and best of all, avoid pushing a political agenda. Our podcasts are straight up history, not opinion masquerading as fact! US History Repeated is a leading choice for podcasts amongst educators throughout the United States. American History teachers are using our podcasts to teach content and review key topics in history. Our podcasts on the American Civil War years have been widely used by educators and individuals who simply wanted to learn more about the American Civil War. Our podcasts provide a full discussion on the topic and provides both the Northern and Southern perspective as well as those of the border states.

The American Civil War is one of the most critical topics in American History. The Civil War in America is a complex topic and requires a significant amount of focus. US History Repeated devoted a number of podcasts on the History of the Civil War in America. Our resident history expert, Jeananne Xenakis broke down the most essential information about the Civil War in America. Our podcasts on the American Civil War include topics such as the events of the 1850s, the election of 1860, the life, presidency and assassination of Abraham Lincoln, The Civil War part one, the Civil War part two and the Presidency of Andrew Johnson and the start of Reconstruction. The history of the Civil War in America is essential to understanding the events that came afterwards and even the current status of race relations in The United States. The impact of The American Civil War years can still be felt today. Individuals looking to learn history in a fun and entertaining way should listen to the US History Repeated podcasts. Our podcasts are the best American Civil War podcasts available. At US History Repeated, we are dedicated to providing our listeners with the facts so that they can make their own informed opinion!

Podcast # 21: Events of the 1850s

The Women’s Suffrage movement

We have been building up to the Civil War for quite some time. Sectionalism, lack of national unity and the issue of the extension of slavery into new territories are at an all-time high. The events of the 1850s will make the Civil War all but inevitable.

After the Mexican American War ended in 1848, sectional tensions were at an all-time high. In 1849, The Whigs were victorious in electing their candidate Zachary Taylor as President. Zachary Taylor was a General in the US army and gained notoriety in both the second Seminole war and the Mexican American War.

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Podcast # 22: Election of 1860 and southern secession

The Election of 1860 saw 4 Presidential Hopefuls. The Democratic Party had split. Northern and Southern democrats couldn’t agree over their position on the extension of slavery into the territories or for a candidate for that matter so – they ran two candidates. John Breckinridge who was from Kentucky and had served as James Buchanan’s Vice President. The two men didn’t work together much as President and VP, yet when he ran for President Buchanan along with two other former Presidents endorsed him.

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Podcast # 23: The Life, Presidency and Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of our former presidents whose legacy has taken on a life of its own. He is remembered for a great many things. A log cabin, being honest, a rail splitter, a lawyer, a great orator, a former president, a great emancipator. In all of those descriptions, much of Abraham Lincoln is lost. He wasn’t always a supporter of emancipation; those views would evolve over the course of his lifetime. His views on racial equality are not what most people would expect them to be.

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Podcast # 24: The Civil War – The Union vs. The Confederacy

The Civil was lasted from 1861-1865 and is the bloodiest war in American history. A war, that originally was thought would only last a few months. A conflict, that had been simmering for decades finally erupted with the attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina in April of 1861. Confederate soldiers attacked the fort and quickly won it. The war not only divided the country between the North and South but family members who fought on opposing sides. Families with one brother fighting for the Union and another fighting for the Confederacy.

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Podcast # 25: The Civil War Part II

A Political War vs a Moral War

At the start of the Civil war this was a war to preserve the Union. It was not at the outset a war to end slavery that wouldn’t happen until 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation which we will talk more about.

Major Battles:

There were many battles during the civil war. It would be impossible to discuss all of them. Battles were fought in the southeast, in the deep south like Vicksburg and in the west in battles like Shiloh.

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Podcast # 26: Reconstruction and the Presidency of Andrew Johnson


The time period of Reconstruction is from 1865-1877. The majority of the south was in ruins. There was so much that needed to be done Politically, Socially and Economically. Imagine looking at a large glass vase that has fallen and shattered into hundreds and thousands of pieces. Where do you begin? How do you put this back together in a way that it functions, can you repair it in a way where you can’t tell that it had been broken apart? 12 years wasn’t nearly enough time. Reconstruction ends not because the work they had set out to complete was finished.

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By listening to our informative and entertaining podcasts, you can learn about the rich history of the United States of America. Our podcasts are the best US history podcasts available and provide you with an opportunity to learn history through a balanced lense. WE don’t push a political agenda and we don’t tell how to think about a topic. Learning history gives us an opportunity to learn about our past so that we can better understand the present and prevent making similar mistakes in the future. By understanding history and the challenges faced in the past, we can be more compassionate and understanding of the issues and challenges people face today and work together to better for a better tomorrow.

US History is much more than just the living records of a nation, its leaders, and wars. It is the stories of those that lived before us. Some stories are less well known than others. Our podcasts highlight the spirit of what it took to declare independence, build a nation, and go on to become a leading figure in global affairs. Not every chapter of US History is beautiful. We talk about the good, the bad, and everything in between. Our podcasts are some of the best US history podcasts available. We take pride in being a trustworthy source of information.

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All our podcasts are kept as close to 20 minutes as possible and are informative, interesting, and entertaining. They discuss the essential topics of US History to people to understand how the government of the United States was created and HOW it works. Our podcasts avoid pushing a political agenda. US History Repeated offers podcasts that intimately connect the listeners with the various facts and figures about US history and politics. Our podcasts are very beneficial for teachers, mentors, and students. Contact us now if you have any questions about our podcasts. We will be happy to hear from you and how you have been able to utilize our podcasts!


What type of podcasts are included?

US History Repeated podcasts are based on facts relating to US history and politics. They go into detail on topics that highlight and talk about how the US federal government is organized and why, the lives and political careers of US Presidents, the US industrial revolution, US civil war, etc. Listen to our informative podcasts to know more.

Do you have any podcasts about the constitution?

Yes, we have a number of interesting podcasts on the Constitiution. In them we discuss all three branches of the Federal Government. We discuss the various roles of the President and VP, and the restrictions on them. We discuss the Legislative Branch and its powers as well as how a Supreme Court Justice is appointed. We also discuss how and why we have a two part electoral system. Be sure to listen to the complete podcasts to know all of the details.

Can you elaborate on the podcast on voting rights in the US?

Our podcast on voting rights in the US talks about the how, when and why certain groups were given the right to vote throughout US History. Through this US history podcast, we mean to create awareness about the importance of voting and the dangers of limiting voting rights.

How many podcasts are there on your website?

Yes, we do have a podcast based on George Washington. In this US history podcast, you will find details about his early life, childhood, elections, etc. We discuss key aspects of his life, presidency and contributions to American history. You can find this podcast on our website. Visit now and enjoy one of our best US history podcasts to date.