Our mission is to provide our listeners with the facts. Our podcasts avoid pushing a political agenda. We believe people are tired of being told what and how to think about a topic. Listen to the information provided, take your time to decide where you fall on the issue. Being informed is essential.Our first season tackles the essentials for understanding HOW the government of the United States was created and HOW it works.

Our Noble Purpose

We began the US History Repeated podcast series because we felt there was a lack of knowledge among citizens, as well as maybe a little too much apathy.

We will discuss important historical and political concepts that are essential to understanding and discussing U.S. history and politics. Topics and concepts that you should have learned in school, your teacher taught, but either didn’t teach well enough or you weren’t interested at the time. History isn’t boring, it isn’t something only some people need to know. History, if not learned, is doomed to be repeated.

This is a podcast geared towards everyone.

  • Teachers can use this as reinforcement for their students
  • Adults interested in learning US History

We want our podcasts to be informative, entertaining, digestible and interesting. They can easily be listened to during a commute to work or even a workout with plenty of time to spare for you to think about and consider the information for yourself. Knowledge is power. Now, more than ever, you must be informed.

People often fear what they don’t know. Think for yourself, be informed, read or listen to a variety of news sources, base your position on factual information, when interested, read more.


Jeananne Xenakis

Jeananne was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Jeananne Xenakis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Adolescent Education and History and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. She began her teaching career in 2006. She is a lover of all things history and politics related. She is an avid reader and loves to travel around the world. As an educator, she is passionate about providing her students with unbiased information. "I am always thinking outside the box to find ways to make history both entertaining and relatable."

Jimmy LaSalle

Jimmy has an MBA in Marketing from St John’s University and is an Entrepreneur, Producer, Podcaster, and Published Author. Jimmy has an avid interest in Government & Politics and enjoys all things historical in nature. Jimmy’s goal in this project is to expand Jeananne’s classroom and help create more students and educated citizens of our great country.

"I want Jeananne to become 'America's History Teacher'! "


What are the most important and unique features of your podcasts?

Our mission with US History Podcasts is to provide our listeners with the facts about US history. The prominent features of our podcasts are stated below.

  • They avoid pushing political agenda.
  • The podcasts are informative, entertaining, digestive, and interesting.
  • They are close to 20 minutes.
  • Tells the essentials for understanding how the government of the United States was created and HOW it works.

These podcasts are the best US history podcasts that are created to bring awareness about US history. Knowledge is power.

Who can all benefit from these podcasts?

Though these US history podcasts are meant to create awareness and build an understanding for the general population about US history, they are also beneficial for many educators and students as well. They can be used to introduce new topics or as reinforcement for the students. You can find the best podcasts on US history with us.

How many history podcasts are there?

You can find a series of informative and interesting podcasts on our site on a variety of topics in US History and Government. We are a top choice for the best US history podcasts. You can browse through our ‘podcasts’ section to know about our podcasts and the detailed and factual information shared in them.

Do you have a podcast on George Washington?

Yes, we do have a podcast based on George Washington. In this US history podcast, you will find details about his early life, childhood, elections, etc. We discuss key aspects of his life, presidency and contributions to American history. You can find this podcast on our website. Visit now and enjoy one of our best US history podcasts to date.

Why are these podcasts important to listen to?

In today’s world, podcasts are among the primary sources of information for people. They rely on these podcasts to know about facts, figures, news, etc. Thus, we chose podcasts to bring to light the rich history and story of how the United States developed over time. We don’t tell one side of history. We believe that every chapter of history, however difficult it may be to discuss, deserves to be told. Our podcasts are seen as being more trustworthy than traditional media coverage. We do not masquerade opinion as fact. We give you the facts so that you can make your own opinion. You can find our US history podcasts on our website under ‘podcasts’ section.